Eat lots of fruits and veggies

Researchers have known for a very long time that increased intake of fiber reduces fat. So much so, that physicians that routinely tell thier patients to eat more fruits and vegetables and patients who do, see a drop in their cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Researchers think that this may be because of a “reduced transition time” of food through the gut. In simple tems, the less the food (and fat) stays in the gut, the less time it has to be absorbed by the body.

In addition to losing fat, there are other benefits to eating lots of fruit and fiber. It keeps you away from developing diabetes, colon cancer and pancreatitis. So, eat those veggies!


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My condition was progressively deteriorating over the past 2 years. I’d been good at taking my medicine and exercising so knew I should have felt better. My arthritis and scleroderma were really affecting my quality of life. Increasing pain and fatigue were wearing me down.

Dr. Jenny and Ajoy came well-recommended so I got in touch. I completed a short questionnaire before my consultation. Covid meant it was all done over VC. They put me at ease, and it was like we were in the same room. They asked all the right medical and lifestyle questions without judgement. They devised a plan which was holistic, realistic and easy to follow. Their gentle and knowledgeable coaching kept me on track.

The resulting decrease in swelling and pain has given me a new lease of life in a few weeks. I feel so much better and look so much happier. I felt they were genuinely interested in my well-being. Happy to highly recommend them.