Looking to keep your kids from getting sick often?

Dr. Jenny Prabhu is certified Pediatrician from the USA, licensed to practice in India and USA. She runs our child specialist (pediatrics) clinic in South Mumbai.

Phone: 9326179380


  • Awarded the Best Pediatrician in Maryland USA.
  • Shark Tank India Season 1 – Finalist!
  • Awarded Best 40 Entrepreneur under 40 by Economic Times HealthWorld 2022.

Mothers Speak

Case Studies

Lack of clarity when it comes to medication. Some doctors tend to overmedicate, while others just have this cookie-cutter approach to everything.

The doctors at Circee Health are crystal clear about when medication is needed. They don’t rush to prescribe something if it’s not necessary. They take time to explain when and how to use it. As parents, this clarity is a great relief.

Parents with kids having tonsils and stomach problems. Parents had tried various treatments that just didn’t work. By the end of it all, the kids were left feeling completely drained and parents frustrated.

Dr. Jenny and her team provided spot-on diagnosis, and their unique approach worked. The parents are now very happy with the consulting and do not trust any other medical team with their child’s health.

A mother found it frustrating and concerning to see her child struggling with health due to misdiagnoses and excessive medications. She felt like she  needed a more comprehensive and holistic approach to her child’s healthcare.

Dr. Jenny and her team provided exceptional, holistic care. They conducted thorough examinations, use targeted tests, and prioritized patient concerns, offering effective healthcare. 

Pediatric Services Offered

  • Injuries: stitches, dislocation, bone injury, sprains, wound care.
  • Well-child visits: vaccination, growth evaluation, anticipatory guidance.
  • Sick visits: cough/cold, ear infection, vomiting, etc.
  • Skin problems: rash, eczema, abscesses acne.
  • Underweight/Overweight treatment.
  • Care of premature infants.
  • Chronic disease management: asthma, diabetes,
    kidney disease, allergies, celiac, etc.
  • School related issues: ADHD, learning disability, anxiety, bullying.
  • Mental health, sleep concerns.
  • Puberty/GYN issues.
    Blood test and imaging interpretation.
  • Pre-travel advice.
  • Home, Telemedicine calls.
  • Pre-birth visits.
  • Breastfeeding support.
  • Pre-college advice.

Phone: 9326179380