Looking for an effective weight loss program designed specifically for YOU?

Our Mumbai clinic has had success in providing effortless permanent weight loss through medicines that are safe.

What is Medically-guided weight loss?

Medically guided weight loss involves a personalised and safe approach, using medicines, overseen by doctors, to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Most of our female patients seek weight loss for medical concerns, avoiding wardrobe changes, fitting into "skinny" jeans, preparing for events like weddings or divorces, family reunions, vacations, and addressing discomfort in the knees, feet, and neck. Whatever your motive, we know you are determined to achieve lasting weight loss in a safe and trustworthy setting.

Our specialised programs for men target reducing abdominal fat, which has been linked to higher mortality rates in men. Our comprehensive approach includes toning the abdominal area and addressing potential low testosterone levels through a thorough total testosterone test for every individual.

Benefits of the Program

✓ Reduction in weight ✓ Reduction in type 2 diabetes ✓ Cardiovascular (heart) protection ✓ Overall wound healing ✓ Skin problems ✓ Gut issues ✓ Acidity ✓ Reproductive health ✓ Sleep quality ✓ Immunity ✓ Mood ✓ Mobility ✓ Headaches ✓ Allergies ✓ Arthritis ✓ Sleep apnea

Risks of not undertaking the program

✓ High blood pressure ✓ Diabetes related blindness and limb amputations ✓ Heart attack ✓ Other heart diseases ✓ Arthritis ✓ Sleep apnea

Weight Loss Program​

First we need to understand you as a person. Your lifestyle, your habits and even your fitness age. We do that through our proprietary quizzes.

We don't believe in too many blood tests, however just a small set of blood parameters will help us get started.

Our doctor-led weight loss counselling focuses on  combining medical expertise with individualised support.

We'd then recommend a balanced and nutrient-dense diet while minimising processed foods to support effective and sustainable weight loss.

Prescription medications, safe and rigorously tested, will be recommended as a part of a comprehensive medical weight loss plan, tailored to individual health profiles and goals.

We will help you  incorporate  simple exercises into your routine, tailored to your fitness level, is an integral part of the recommended approach to support effective and sustainable weight loss.

We will provide proven tips and tricks for maintaining your achieved weight, ensuring long-term success and promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.



  • Awarded the Best Pediatrician in Maryland USA.
  • Shark Tank India Season 1 – Finalist!
  • Awarded Best 40 Entrepreneur under 40 by Economic Times HealthWorld 2022.

Meet our Founders

Dr. Jennifer Prabhu

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Jenny is a rare doctor, essentially with two M.D. degrees to her name. One in Internal Medicine and the other in Pediatrics. For over 20 years that she has been practicing medicine, she has reversed conditions in thousands of patients in U.S. and in India. She specializes in Endocrinology, Infectious Disease and Preventative Medicine.

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Ajoy Prabhu

Co-founder & CTO

Ajoy is a Medical Scientist and an Innovator that trained in Pathology and Epidemiology. After 35 yrs, he left his leadership position at the U.S. NIH and the White House, where he reviewed the latest medical technologies. He now uses this knowledge to transform the lives of people using Preventative and Lifestyle Medicine.

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