I am looking for a caring paediatrician.

Dr. Jennifer Prabhu proudly runs Circee Peds, where she aims to create an open, comfortable age-appropriate interaction between you, your child and herself. 

I want a compassionate, knowledgeable Endocrinologist

Circee Integrative care is a non-judgmental space for patients where we explain our medical decisions and welcome questions or concerns. We treat you with the respect you deserve. 

I want to lose weight or get rid of issues

If you follow our coaching you can safely lose up to 7 – 10 kg in three months! If you have any other issues such as reduced immunity, or conditions such as PCOD or even diseases such as thyroid or diabetes, come to us and we will ensure that you get rid of it permanently.

I want high-quality doctor-supervised IV Therapy

Circee Health proudly brings you, your own, Personalised IV Lounge dedicated to transform and optimise your health!

I want to book / pay for a consultancy

My Portal page is your custom page where you can communicate directly with us- all in one spot! Go to click below to book, reschedule, and pay for service.


Children's Health Issues

Adult's Health Issues

Meet Our Founders

Meet our Founders

Dr. Jennifer Prabhu

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Jenny is a rare doctor, essentially with two M.D. degrees to her name. One in Internal Medicine and the other in Pediatrics. For over 20 years that she has been practicing medicine, she has reversed conditions in thousands of patients in U.S. and in India. She specializes in Endocrinology, Infectious Disease and Preventative Medicine.

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Ajoy Prabhu

Co-founder & CTO

Ajoy is a Medical Scientist and an Innovator that trained in Pathology and Epidemiology. After 35 yrs, he left his leadership position at the U.S. NIH and the White House, where he reviewed the latest medical technologies. He now uses this knowledge to transform the lives of people using Preventative and Lifestyle Medicine.

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