Press Release: Circee Health Partners with Chef Michael Swamy to Highlight Healthy Nutrition 

February 9 2022

Circee Health and Brand Chef Michael Swamy announce a partnership to facilitate bringing delicious and healthy food to the tables of Circee Health members. This joint partnership will work to bridge the perceived gap between healthy foods and tasty food.

Thanks to this alliance, Circee Health customers that wonder how to put nutritious dishes on the table, can expect delicious new recipes, kitchen tips and tricks to serve nutritious yet yummy dishes to your family and guests, and ready-made, chef curated food delivered to your home.

On this occasion, Dr. Jennifer Prabhu, CEO, Circee Health said, “We have always felt the need to showcase that foods that are actually nutritious and often the primary tool for eliminating ailments or even reversing disease conditions, do not get the due respect they deserve. With this partnership with Chef Swamy, we hope to bridge this gap and ultimately increase rapid acceptance of good nutrition as an effective tool for sustained health.” 

“As a chef, my primary responsibility lies in making patrons aware of healthy foods. The role of a good chef is to educate and give patrons good nutrition. Therefore, I am very excited to partner with Circee Health on a cause that is so dear to my heart.“, said Chef Michael Swamy.

About Circee Health:

The passionate brainchild of Dr. Jennifer Prabhu and Ajoy Prabhu, Circee Health is committed to empowering individuals with the knowledge to journey from “Pills to No Pills”. The Doctor-Researcher duo and their team, accompany patients as they advance towards a discipline of a nutritious diet, right exercises and a healthy lifestyle. With a proven experience of treating over 5,000 patients across the globe in reversing conditions such as weight gain, PCOS, joint pain, acidity, hair loss, and even diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and more, Circee Health aims to make patients healthy at the core.

Following a holistic approach, Circee Health shares this secret of good health through workshops, coaching and a patent-pending smartphone app. Circee Health also does specialised concierge service for those that want individualised care and treatment. In addition, they also work with specialists in food, yoga, nutrition, corporations and image coaches to offer an all-inclusive approach to wellness. 

About Chef Michael Swamy:

Chef Michael Swamy is a pioneer in the area of food media and is a rare combination of chef-food stylist-food photographer-author. 

A graduate of the prestigious *Le Cordon Bleu, London*, he specialises in Indo-Portuguese and Indo-French and Spanish fare”. The brains behind many restaurants and resorts across India, his work as chef consultant with Pugdundee Safaris and his work in the mountains of Uttarakhand with boutique resorts like Te Aroha, has created a niche market. Michael, with his team, has conceptualised and handled major food shows for several national and  international niche channels. He is an award winning author, columnist, food and travel writer.  Currently concentrating more on working with a few leading hospitality universities where he teaches and sets up courses on food media along with his regular assignments.

For queries, please contact: [email protected]

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My condition was progressively deteriorating over the past 2 years. I’d been good at taking my medicine and exercising so knew I should have felt better. My arthritis and scleroderma were really affecting my quality of life. Increasing pain and fatigue were wearing me down.

Dr. Jenny and Ajoy came well-recommended so I got in touch. I completed a short questionnaire before my consultation. Covid meant it was all done over VC. They put me at ease, and it was like we were in the same room. They asked all the right medical and lifestyle questions without judgement. They devised a plan which was holistic, realistic and easy to follow. Their gentle and knowledgeable coaching kept me on track.

The resulting decrease in swelling and pain has given me a new lease of life in a few weeks. I feel so much better and look so much happier. I felt they were genuinely interested in my well-being. Happy to highly recommend them.