Drink water to lose fat

I am sure you have heard this before- drink water to stave off hunger. But, have you heard that water actually helps “burn” fat? Researchers at the Children’s Hospital Oakland, California combed thousands of research papers written over time and what they found was that drinking water randomly not only staved off hunger, but that when hunger did return, the calories that the subject ate, was far less than other subjects that did not drink any water. The second finding was that drinking water actually helped in fatty acid metabolism (scientific speak for what we call, “burning” fat).

This should not come as a surprise to those that took (and remembered!) elementary biology in high-school! If you recall the citric acid cycle (aka Krebs cycle), once the long chain of fatty acid is broken down, water is used in multiple places within the cycle to produce energy. So, drink that water and help burn more fat!

Science Says

Drinking water has heterogeneous effects on energy intake, energy expenditure, fat oxidation and weight change in randomized controlled trials involving adults and/or children.

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