3 Ways to Stop Knee Pain

Q – how can we stop knee pain?

Knee pain can be due to multiple reasons, knee joints are actually much more delicate than we think. They have very little latitude in moving from side to side.

Knees have a cushion that prevents the femur bone from rubbing against the lower bones- The Tibia and Fibula. Your weight might be the biggest contributor to the wear and tear of this cushion.

There may be other reasons such as arthritis, a simple blood test called RF can easily determine if this is the case. If so, you will need to consult your doctor or of course us.

Another reason might simply be bone loss due to aging. Finally, low vitamin d levels can also

cause knee pain regardless here are three ways to ease this pain – 

  1. First is to lose weight if you are overweight
  2. Second is to take supplements such as omega-3 turmeric glucosamine chondroitin
  3. The third way is to strengthen the rest of your muscles such as gluteus thigh and calf muscles through exercising

There you go, three quick ways to lose that knee pain and stay healthy.

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My condition was progressively deteriorating over the past 2 years. I’d been good at taking my medicine and exercising so knew I should have felt better. My arthritis and scleroderma were really affecting my quality of life. Increasing pain and fatigue were wearing me down.

Dr. Jenny and Ajoy came well-recommended so I got in touch. I completed a short questionnaire before my consultation. Covid meant it was all done over VC. They put me at ease, and it was like we were in the same room. They asked all the right medical and lifestyle questions without judgement. They devised a plan which was holistic, realistic and easy to follow. Their gentle and knowledgeable coaching kept me on track.

The resulting decrease in swelling and pain has given me a new lease of life in a few weeks. I feel so much better and look so much happier. I felt they were genuinely interested in my well-being. Happy to highly recommend them.