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Take the case of Mr. Mehta- he goes to a diabetologist, a urologist and a cardiologist. Each of these doctors are highly competent, yet Mr. Mehta wonders:

    • If the medicines prescribed by one will interact with the those of the other.
    • He wonders what his blood tests really mean. No one explains why some numbers in his blood test are in bold  or what his imaging results actually mean.
    • Does he have to follow the recommendations of the specialist, or is there some way to make it simpler yet, effective.
    • He also wonders what are the medicines doing to his body and wonders about possible side-effects.
    • Finally, will he ever be able to stop his medicines, and if so, how?
In other words, there is no ONE medical expert that helps manage Mr. Meheta’s health!

What Mr. Mehta really needs, is coordination of care from Circee VIP.

Think about your last visit to a Specialist.

  • Did you have to wait long and meet him/her for a few minutes?
  • Did you feel rushed?
  • Did you talk about prevention?
  • Did you talk about nutrition, age-appropriate exercises, mindfulness to reduce severity of your condition?
  • Later, did you have to explain the next course of action to your GP or another specialist?

If you were enrolled in the Circee VIP care program

  • You get an appointment with Dr. Jenny or Ajoy (as appropriate) the same or next day instead of waiting weeks.
  • Your appointments will start on time – you won’t be stuck in the lobby waiting for your visit to begin.
  • They would spend as much time as needed to go over the tiniest of doubts.
  • You’ll be able to reach either of them, after hours for urgent care needs.
  • You would leave with a complete understanding of a roadmap for eliminating or reducing your condition over time.
  • You would avail of chef and nutritionist curated precooked meals to your home that will help you with your condition.

What Makes Us Different


Individualized care plans that adapt to each patient’s specific, evolving needs.


Le Cordon Bleu chef-curated, nutritious food regularly delivered to your home.


Medical care in the comfort and privacy of your home or office through tele-medicine or house-calls.


Up-to-date, evidence based practice, with a goal to stop medications!

We Care!

We at Circee Health, have created a collaborative medical practice that has transformed the patient experience. We have put just as much effort into making sure our patients feel heard and understood as they do in helping them recover. That’s because we understand that listening is just as important in medicine as it is anywhere else.

Our doctors, nurses, nutritionists, even our chef create an environment where patients feel comfortable asking questions and offering input on their care decisions – giving them control over their own health care.

Openness & Transparency

Our society is shifting away from authenticity to convenience. We want to turn that around- we value genuine, open discussions, relationships and communication.

Evidence Based

The focus of evidence based medicine is to use the best available research and knowledge about clinical care and treatments to make decisions about patient care.


We care for, and are kind to all of our patients. This goes beyond mere words for our patients have always said that it is our strong point.


We do what is morally right, not just what is easy to do. This is the only way patients will believe in us, and our methods.


We are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of our patients and our partners by curating a world-class virtual care platform.

Think Differently

We believe that it is not just about doctors and patients working on a problem. We bring you solutions from diverse spheres- from nurses, to nutritionists, to yoga instructors and even to chefs!

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