I (with my husband Ajoy) am working on a pilot wellness program based on our research and the success I have had in my clinic in helping people reduce weight, reduce cholesterol and even reverse diseases such as diabetes.

Why are we doing this?
We want to help people live healthier lives while we gather data on how best to setup our clinic in India.

Where are we doing this?
The pilot program is completely free and online using only your phone.

Who are we?
Jenny is a double MD specializing in Pediatrics and Internal medicine and has a long list of cases she can point to where she has either decreased or stopped patient’s medications all together. Ajoy has been a research pathologist for more than 25 years and working at a leadership position at the largest medical research center in the world.

Is this method something new?
No. We did not invent this method. We’re just putting various parts of treatment programs together that we see working in our experience. We are using many fields like human anatomy, behavioral psychology, microbiology, etc. There are many very famous physicians in the world that do something similar.

We started the pilot program at end of March ’18 but are accepting a few more individuals. 

Who can participate?
Anyone can join regardless of age and gender. We recommend you join if you are concerned about your health and are not getting anywhere with your doctor or anything else you’ve tried.

People with the following should definitely consider joining: Overweight, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes or diabetic, high blood pressure, joint pain, difficulty in breathing, low energy, fatigue, depression, anxiety, sleeping issues, gynecological, prostate or thyroid problems.

Any evidence that this method works?
We are working on getting permissions from some patients to publicize their success stories, but for right now, click here for Ajoy’s personal story

What will I physically need?
1. A smart phone with camera
2. ‎A recent blood test (less than 3 months old) and repeat once every 3 months

How will this be actually done?

1. We will start by asking you a set of questions about your medical history, your eating and lifestyle preferences. This will go on for one week.

2. We will study your blood tests and medical records for about a week. We may discuss your case with other specialists.

3. ‎We will then make suggestions to your daily life; one small change at a time.

4. After about a week, you will provide us with your feedback on what is working and what is not.

5. ‎We will then make further suggestions and this type of exchange will go on till you see improvements in your health.

Interested? Contact us by clicking here and send us a quick note.