We Believe this… 

…that allopathic medicine does not hold all answers to cures. While, allopathy might be the best for an acute illness such as a car accident, we do not think that it holds a holistic cure for chronic illnesses – those that take a long time to develop. Combining various forms of medical practices – and specialities – is what we strongly feel is the answer to curing diseases. We need an integrative approach to treatments and cures. We need everyone to be a part of this team efforts. This includes, doctors, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, yoga instructors, psychologists, even meditation coaches. In simple terms, diseases caused by poor lifestyles need to be solved by fixing lifestyles!

Inspiration for this site

In our years of researching and practicing medicine, we have noticed that there is a huge lack of evidence based information about wellness and preventative medicine in general on the internet. In addition, there has been a lack of guidance on a proper plant-based diet. Lots of ‘foo-foo’ and ‘granola’ websites, but we rarely came across websites that give references to unbiased peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, written by medical scientists, that prove their claim. We decided to change that. On this site you will find links at the bottom of all relevant posts that direct you to such scientific articles; should you wish to review them.

…and just to spice things up a bit, you will also find some husband-wife bickering here! In many articles, we will have a section where you will find a counterpoint written by the dissenting spouse because after all, even in science there are differences, so why not air them? 🙂

Our Promise to you

#1. You will not see any – and we will say this – bullshit on this site. We do not sugar-coat our articles. Every article or tip you see here will have scientific journal articles references backing up our claims.

#2. Most of this site is free, not for profit and will always remain so. But, stay tuned for a separate, doctor-guided app/website that will allow for more customized advice!

#3. We promise that, if you follow the advice on this site, you will start to see incredible changes in both your body and your mind. How do we know this? We have followed our own advice, and can attest to these changes. 

One Final Note

As always, is very important to have an interactive discussion with your own primary care physician before accepting or acting on, any advice you see here (or on any other website)! She/he knows you (and your medical issues) best! Before you read our content, please be sure to read our full disclaimer here.