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Meet Our Founders

Meet our Founders

Dr. Jennifer Prabhu

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Jenny is a rare doctor, essentially with two M.D. degrees to her name. One in Internal Medicine and the other in Pediatrics. For over 28 years that she has been practicing medicine, she has reversed conditions in thousands of patients in U.S. and in India. She specializes in Lifestyle Medicine, Infectious Disease and Preventative Medicine.

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Ajoy Prabhu

Co-founder & CTO

Ajoy is a Medical Scientist and an Innovator that trained in Pathology and Epidemiology. After 35 yrs, he left his leadership position with the U.S. NIH, where he had the opportunity to review the latest medical technologies. He now uses this knowledge to transform the lives of people using Preventative and Lifestyle Medicine.

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