In case of any emergency the schedules listed below do not apply. Please contact us ASAP on +917045005368

1. Consulting fees:
– Initial fees: Rs. 3,500
– Follow-up fees: Rs. 2,500.
2. Payment details:
Account Name: Ajoy Kamalaksh Prabhu
AC no: 021101076088
IFSC Code : ICIC0000604
#6,7, 60 Feet Road, Sahakar Nagar,
Bangalore – 560092, Karnalaka.
3. Set up an appointment:
– Via whatsapp: +917045005368
4. Daily Schedule:
– Record fasting blood sugar upon waking
– Record BP (if possible) upon waking
5. Weekly Schedule:
– Record weight upon waking
– Record waist upon waking
– Share all 7 sugar levels and BP on website (or via Whatsapp)
– Share weight and waist on website (or via Whatsapp)
6. Typical Monthly Follow-up Schedule:
– Set up a follow-up (assessment and feedback) check-in appointment via Whatsapp
7. Additional Follow-up:
– If you require to meet either of us sooner than every month, please request it via Whatsapp