Thank you for writing to us. I’m glad you decided to take the plunge towards better health!

We will help you change your lifestyle for the better, like we’ve done for ourselves, and numerous other patients, and help you to not go back to the old you! This is a month-on-month program wherein you will be in touch with us 24/7! However, there’s no obligation to continue, especially once you get into better health and don’t need us. We do hope this happens soon!! 🙂

The first consultation lasts for as long as needed to cover everything we need to. Typically, I’d say, plan for an hour but it usually goes over. In this meeting, we will review your response to the questionnaire, and whatever (if anything) you have already disclosed to us. While I will look at it from a latest research and patho-physiology perspective, Jenny will look at it from the clinical and therapy perspective.

Our idea with treating chronic conditions is to be more of a coach than an instructor. Therefore, we prefer frequent, even if short communications. We will of course, go over your medications, and suggest if any changes need to be made at this point. If we feel that we need additional data such as blood report, we will let you know about that too.

Very importantly, we will provide you with tools to monitor your progress and automatically share it with us in-real time. We’d like it if you can share as much as you can in this tool, but in addition, use apps mainly,  WhatsApp to communicate any changes, concerns etc. Here is a sample screenshot:


Consulting Program Steps for Chronic Conditions

1. Program fees and payment details:
– First consultancy fees: Rs. 5,000
– Subsequent monthly fees: Rs. 4,000

Payment details:
Account Name: Ajoy Kamalaksh Prabhu
AC no: 021101076088
IFSC Code : ICIC0000604
#6,7, 60 Feet Road, Sahakar Nagar,
Bangalore – 560092, Karnalaka.

2. Fill out our questionnaire that will help us understand you and your medical history, better. To give you an idea of the type of questions, here is a screenshot–

3. Set up an initial appointment:
– Via Calendly–

4. Daily schedule:
– Record your various parameters on the provided tool (instructions will be provided)
– Ask any question, anytime on WhatsApp.

5. Weekly check-in:
– Communicate any larger questions/concerns, successes, etc.
– Record weekly numbers (if any) in the spreadsheet

6. Typical monthly follow-up:
– Payment as mentioned above, then set up follow up appointment for assessment, feedback and planning via Calendly.

7. Additional follow-up:
– If you require to meet us sooner than every month, please request it via Whatsapp

Hope all this makes sense. If not, please do ask us  by clicking the WhatsApp button here: