Your Circee 360o Health Report

Presenting- your personalised Circee 360o Health Report! To us, 360o means, all-around health – mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual. As you read this, a link to the same has already been sent to your email. In order to improve your health even further, we hope that you will find this report useful in finding many areas of your life that you may consider working on.

Everything you read here is evidence based, meaning, facts are directly traced to medical research that has proven them to be true. However, this report does not replace your doctor’s advice. All medical care should be carried out by your doctor.

Your Circee Health Index

Circee Health Index (CHI) is a patent-pending health scoring system developed using decades of medical research experience. This number ranges from 0 to 100 and takes into consideration, your location to determine the pollution, stress, life-expectancy, etc. (for now, it’s for within India only), your age, lifestyle (eating, exercises, smoking, etc) and any health issues you may have. However, its best use is in tracking your health. As you improve your health, the CHI number will keep increasing! In the next three boxes, you will find some insight into your physical self including how your body is aging, the amount of fat in your body as well as any insight into ailments and diseases that you may have reported to us. The last four boxes at the end are divided into your lifestyle, your diet, your physical well-being and your social, emotional and spiritual health. These will give you further insight into what areas you are excelling at, and what areas you should improve upon.

Circee Green™️

Circee Health uses a patent-pending method to calculate your fitness age based upon the inputs you have provided.

Your Fat Analysis

The amount of fat in one's body is an indicator of the body fat percentage. We feel that using a percentage makes it hard to understand the impact of the fat. The chart above will help you see your body without too much fat.

The full circle above, represents your entire weight. The green bar represents the amount of fat you carry.

Your body fat number was not measured, but calculated. Therefore, it is important to note that it is an approximation. However, you should not ignore this number as it is not going to be much different from an actual measurement.

It is also important to note the reason for providing this number - as a pure measure of one's health. Increase in body fat happens due to a multitude of reasons, and at Circee Health, we asses this issue with sensitivity. We do not approve of body shaming. However, having more body fat, simply due to its nature, can lead to a multitude of issues such as joint pain, allergies, digestive issues etc. In addition, medical evidence strongly points to a direct correlation between higher body fat numbers and diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Your Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of the mass of the body. In other words, how "big" or "small" the body is. For example, someone that is tall and skinny will have a smaller BMI than someone that is short and stocky.

There are two areas that the BMI number is useful:
  • Predicting heart disease- the larger this number, the greater the changes of having a heart attack.

  • Overall mortality- meaning, increasing your chance of death, even if due to other causes. That is, if someone with a smaller BMI has, let us say, 20% chance of death due to whatever disease they have. The same percentage is increased for a person with the same disease, but a higher BMI. A recent 2017 study calculated that anyone with a BMI of over 30 Kg/M2 lives about 3 - 4 years less than someone with a BMI of less than 25 Kg/M2.

    We, at Circee health do not use this measure as much as some of the other numbers you've seen above. This is because the number can be misleading for a multitude of reasons (e.g. a bodybuilder is healthy, but will have a greater BMI). In addition, it is an old measure of health that was adopted because it only needs someone's height and weight. Also, the number does not clearly indicate what one should do if the number is higher.

Your Ailments and Diseases

Life-years Index

Diet Index

Physical Index

Social-Emotional Index